Where You Live Matters

The release of the majority of ex-offenders is concentrated in five states – California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas. Many of these communities have high concentrations of poverty, widespread substance abuse, undocumented populations, and single women raising children.

Access to Care – The implementation of Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provides an opportunity for Americans to be insured, however, being insured does not necessarily guarantee timely and affordable access to a primary doctor, specialist, affordable medication, hospital bed, mental health services, and a quality continuum of care.

The chart below demonstrates the challenges to access experienced by community members in South Central Los Angeles. It is an area with highly concentrated poverty, higher than average unemployment rates, large undocumented populations, and fewer hospitals, trauma units, and community clinics. Approximately 33% of  California’s ex-offenders return to this area.

Age cohort
2005 Population
2005 discharges
Average length of stay (days_
Patient Days
Beds needed
AGE 0 -17 373,512 22,353 5.77 29,071 471
18-44 440,939 40,426 3.51 142,001 519
45-64 184,606 22,512 5.44 222,532 448
65+ 81,486 30,133 6.21 187,220 684
TOTAL 1,080,543 115,428 5.03 580,824 2,122